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Connect Gas to your home with BeMoved

After a long moving day, the first thing you'll want is a warm shower, which means a new gas connection to your house is needed. This is exactly where BeMoved comes into play. We can help organise your home's natural gas connection to make sure your home is completely ready for your arrival.

How gas connections work

How Does Your Gas Connection and Meter Work?

When connecting your new home to a natural gas meters, there are four main steps for a smooth connection process. These include determining your gas connection accessibility and connecting a gas line to your home with a provider technician or gas fitter. Throughout these stages, BeMoved can help you take care of these processes to ensure your gas connection is safe and efficient.Many homes in your suburb will have a gas main nearby or relative to your property limits. If you've found a possible connection for your home, you'll need a specialised team to make this natural gas connection.A technician will then run a gas line from the main pipeline to your meter, which will run through your gas outlet service to the gas appliances in your home.Your gas meter works to regulate your gas flow safely. It will accurately measure your usage for an accurate billing statement from your gas provider. Along with location regulations specified by your state, your gas meter will work as the gatekeeper to your home's gas usage.

Gas Installations

Gas installations with BeMoved

While all gas connections are linked from the main supply line, there are various types of gas connection installations you can organise through BeMoved. Depending on your property, its orientation, and the current gas connection to your house, your gas provider technician will choose from three installation options. These include:
  • A mains construction is used when no existing gas lines are available in your new home's street.
  • A service line installation is used when no existing gas lines are connected to your property's meter. This service line must be in place before the gas meter is installed.
  • A meter installation only. This service is used when an existing service line is established, and only the physical meter is needed.
Did you know that BeMoved doesn't only help you throughout your entire natural gas connection process? We can also help you at every single step of the way throughout your new adventure. From connecting your home's energy source to all-inclusive home moving services such as booking a removalist or organising an exit clean, contact Bemoved today to take the stress out of moving.

BeMoved helps move your gas

We're here to help Australian's move their Gas

Whether you're a homeowner or tenant, BeMoved can easily and quickly get your gas connection sorted. All you need to do is find out if you have a mains connected gas supply or LPG gas bottles.

Not sure what gas connection you have? Just give us a call and we'll help you out!

BeMoved offers two options to connect your gas: over the phone or through our self serve digital experience. If you'd like to speak to a human, our call centre in Melbourne is available during business hours, and if you'd like to sort your connection out in your own time you can click here to connect your gas.

We'll do our best to find a suitable plan within your price range from one of the providers on our panel. Once you've selected a service, we'll grab a few details from you, and you're done! We'll take care of setting up your gas service with your provider and you can get back to finding a removalist.

Gas Connection FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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We can connect utilities at your new home, and also switch it off at your old home - all via a digital experience, without the phone calls!


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